Our Services

Lodging for women and their children

6 units, 14 beds and 2 toddler beds to welcome indigenous women with or without children who are victims of domestic and/or family violence.

Support in the procedures with other specialized ressources

Referral to different services
according to the needs of women.

24-hour hot line

Emergency line 1-866-962-3397
On-site worker at all times.
Innu languages, French and English

Individualized support and follow-up

Personalized path, specific objectives, intervention plan, active approaches.

Post-residential follow-up

Post-lodging follow-up, complaint support, court support, individualized support, etc.

Educational and socialcultural activities

Discussion group, cultural activities centered on the identity of Innu women.

Indigenous approach

Holistic approach based on the Indigenous Medicine Wheel (mental, spiritual, physical and emotional).


Awareness, prevention, cycle of violence, forms of violence, culture, self-esteem, health, well-being, etc. several times a week.

Individual and group meeting

Daily individual meeting, weekly group activities.

Counseling, support, awareness and information

Awareness workshops.

Here are some violent behaviours

Psychological violence
Being lied to, humiliated, manipulated, coming
to doubt yourself and your own judgement
Physical violence

Getting throwned objects
Ending up with physical injuries

Verbal violence

Being insulted, being called names
Being threatened
No longer recognizing yourself, not daring to assert yourself
Being scared

Spiritual violence

Not being able to practice your own religion
Coming to believe in nothing

Sexual violence

Undergo pressure to execute sexual acts
Having sexual acts against your will

Economic violence

Being reproved from purchases for youself or for children
Forced to ignore your own needs

Social violence

Forbidden to receive visits, talk to friends or see them
Forbidden to talk to your own family
Getting your emails, text messages and phone calls controlled